-The band

Line up
Oskar Norberg - guitars, Marcus Sundbom - guitars, Peder Sundqvist - vocals, Joakim Jonsson - bass, Patrik Larsson - Drums

Assailant - A person who attacks another

The band was formed in 2004 when Oskar Norberg (youngest brother in the Norberg family which bore Nocturnal Rites axeman Nils Norberg and Persuader/Savage Circus guitar player Emil Norberg), Joakim Jonsson, Peder Sandström and Patrik Larsson found themselves the only remaining members of their former band. They searched and found talented singer Peder Sundquist in the same situation. The co-operation proved successful when writing new material together and things looked quite good for the band.

Wanting to play live, the line-up had to be completed and through mutual and old friends they found the guy they needed. Marcus Sundbom filled the guitarspot. With a full line-up, live appearances in and outside Umeå has been a relatively common event which has earned them a good reputation as a live band, among others, a much heralded appearance at the Demons of the Opera festival in Umeå.

The family ties brought the deal: Persuader guitarist and older brother Emil introduced Assailant to his label who instantly were curious to find out more about the band. And finally the deal was inked with with Dockyard 1 in 2005. 2006 marks the beginning of a very talented, inspiring and creative career for Assailant with their 11 song long debut album ”Nemesis Within”. Between July and December 2007 Assailant recorded their second album "Wicked Dream" which was released 24th of march 2008.

In may 2009 Assailant played at Chicago Powerfest, other performing acts were Black Label Society, Devildriver, Dope and more.

Peder Sandströms, keys, left the band shortly after the gig in Chicago.

A third album is on it's way but it's to soon to be speculating about a release date.

• The tryout for Peder Sundqvist was to write lyrics and record vocals for "Lies", on the spot, in a studio in Umeå.

• Not only Oskar, but also Marcus, has a brother(Daniel Sundbom) playing in Persuader.

• Norberg, Sundbom, Larsson and Sandström all grew up in the village "Sävar".